Simple Romanian Garage remodeled Into a comfy Lounge house

London-based designer Manuel Teicu recently sent US these photos of a project he recently completed in Brasov, Romania. The homeowners of the house wished a heat and comfortable lounge house with Associate in Nursing eclectic ambiance that may suit their young family well. Teicu turned their straightforward garage into their fantasy space.

He coated the ceiling, flooring, and one main wall with wood for a hospitable ambiance and encompassing cabin feel. The wall covering — a collage of items of mahogany — adds pure mathematics and texture. A vintage bit is supplementary by the little wood bar invisible by change tin plates.

At the core of it all, a custom yellow lounge that was developed on website adds brightness and storage. The matching ottoman may be became alittle cocktail table. The white chimney with its powerful rustic character adds to the eclectic atmosphere. throughout the day, natural lighting floods the house through a conventional window that’s painted blue.