Innovative Logica room System from Valcucine

Kitchens area unit one in all the toughest places within the house to stay tidy. they’re perpetually in use and no sooner have you ever clean up, washed the dishes and place everything away, another meal comes spherical and also the cycle starts everywhere once more. Then there area unit all the appliances and gadgets that you simply use frequently therefore you would like them shut at hand and don’t wish them stashed at the rear of the cabinet, then again once you’re not victimization them they take up valuable surface. And their cables get within the method despite what you are doing with them. If solely there was a room that might address of these issues…well currently there is!

The new and improved Logica room system by Valcucine is that the next step from the first Logica room that the Italian manufacturer discharged back in 1996. At the time Valcucine revolutionised engineering science once it introduced the Logica with its eighty cm depth and equipped back section, removable elephantine drawers and wall units with lift-up doors.

Following scrupulous analysis into customers needs and also the use of ancient kitchens, Valcucine has been ready to good some aspects of the Logica, leading to Associate in Nursing improved interaction between the user and also the room “system”.

Valcucine’s reinvented Logica room options the new equipped back section, that is capable of containing and concealing, once necessary, all the room equipment: the dish-drainer, consideration scales, tiny appliances, removable change of state receptacles, bottle-racks, power sockets, a monitor, a room roll holder, the tap, hooks for utensils and even a cookware hood.

The equipped back section is offered in aluminum or chrome steel and might be fitted against the wall or utilized in Associate in Nursing island within the middle of the space. a spot for plumbing and electrical connections is offered on the within providing you with the liberty to settle on the position of the sink and hob with no concern for wherever water and gas provide shops area unit settled.